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2016 Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Reviewed in Current AnthropologyDiscourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Higher EducationLSE Review of BooksInternational Studies in the Philosophy of Science 

Selected Articles

2020 ‘Navigating 4S/EASST 2020 “virPrague” Conference.’ EASST Review 32(2) November 2020:

2019 ‘Acceleration approximating Science and Technology Studies: On Judy Wajcman’s recent oeuvre.’ Science, Technology, & Human Values 44(4): 686-706. [review article]. DOI:

2019 ‘Against reductionism: On the complexity of scientific temporality.’ Time & Society 28(2): pp. 783–803. (co-authors: second author: L. Benda, third author: T. Virtová) DOI:

2019 ‘Slowing down modernity: A critique.’ Time & Society 28(3): 1039-1060. DOI:

2017 ‘Academic stratospheres-cum-underworlds: When high and low publication cultures meet.’ ASLIB Journal of Information Management, 69 (5): 516-528, (first author/co-author: T. Stöckelová) DOI:

2015 ‘Speed kills, speed thrills: Constraining and enabling accelerations in academic work-life.’ Globalisation, Societies and Education, 13 (3): 295-314. DOI:

2015 ‘Academic life in the fast lane: The experience of time and speed in British academia.’ Time & Society, 24 (1): 71-95DOI:

2014 ‘Thematizing speed: Between critical theory and cultural analysis.’ European Journal of Social Theory, 17 (1): 95-114. DOI:

Book Reviews

2019 Review of John Smyth’s Toxic University. Theory, Culture & Society website, Feb 15:

2014  Towards a social theory of acceleration: Time, modernity, critique. (Book review essay of Hartmut Rosa’s Social Acceleration: A New Theory of Modernity). Revue europénnne des sciences sociales 52(2): 235-249:

Book Chapters

2016  ‘Rychlostí světla: vysokofrekvenční obchodování jako symptom sociální akcelerace času’ [At the Speed of Light: High-Frequency Trading as a Symptom of Social Acceleration of Time]. In Dvořak, T. (ed.) Temporalita (nových) médií [Temporality of (New) Media)]. Praha: AVU, pp. 205-45. [in Czech]

2015 ‘Temporalities of academic work.’ In Peters, MA. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory.Singapore: Springer. Published online 17 October 2015. DOI:

Editorial work

2019now Times of Covid-19: (with Helge Jordheim)

2016–now The Accelerated Academy Series. Thematic Section at LSE Impact Blog – co-editor: (with Mark Carrigan).

2016 Interrogating the Accelerated Academy. Thematic issue of Teorievědy/Theory of Science 38/1 (2016) – guest editor:

Other publications

2020 Chceme vlastně zpomalit? [Rozhovor pro Deník Právo]. 13.8.:

2020 Současná situace nás nutí ptát se po hlubší podstatě lidské existence. Deník N 24. – 26. 4.